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Wool & Silk Rug Cleaning Service

You are probably wondering how to get the stains out of your wool or silk rug, will steam cleaning be enough?

Many oriental rugs will benefit from a hands on detailed rug washing. Steam cleaning for oriental rugs may also be possible, but it really depends on the condition of the rug and whether the dyes are set.

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Our technicians are well-trained in how to get stains out of a rug. Stains can come from many different sources and have to be treated differently. Identifying the type of stain is the very first step in getting the stain out of the area rug. Some stains, such as urine, can also destabilize the dye and cause it to run if it is not cleaned correctly.

No need to worry about cleaning large area rugs, the only difference between cleaning large area rugs and smaller ones is the space needed to completely wash out all of the dust and dirt. For your convenience, we can clean your rugs at our rug cleaning workshop, where we can give your rug the care it deserves.

Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool has many fine properties that make it well-wearing in a rug but the wrong kind of care can ruin the fibers. Leave the wool area rug cleaning to an experienced professional. Our expert technicians are great at wool rug cleaning. Wool rugs can hold literally pounds of dirt before they start to look dirty. Our wool rug cleaning starts with a detailed dusting to remove as much dirt as possible.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Cleaning silk oriental rugs is best left to a professional rug cleaner. Our experts care for even the most delicate rugs with precision and confidence.

Your beloved pet just had an accident on your precious silk rug?

If you have pets and you have area rugs, chances are you need area rug cleaning for pet urine. Our rug team will use safe enzymatic cleaners to break down the proteins and help to remove the odor as well.

Let Us Come and Pick Up Your Rug

Some area rug cleaners have you roll up your area rug and bring it to them to drop off for cleaning. Not so convenient, is it? We are happy to provide a free area rug pick up and delivery service when you order an area rug cleaning.

Call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Edison today to schedule your free rug pick up!

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How Does It Work?
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