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Mold Remediation Services in Edison, NJ

Whenever moisture gets out of hand, the house that you dearly love could accumulate something very undesirable - mold. Because of the need to rid your house of harmful microorganisms that could result in great health risks, the best solution is to hire a mold removal specialist. If you live in Edison, New Jersey, a professional mold remediation company like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Edison would be the best way to get the mold remediation services you truly hope for.

Mold Removal Process

This is how professional mold removal is done in 4 simple steps.

Mold Remediation

1. Wearing PPE

Protective gear is one of the best indicators that these are professional mold removal technicians. Their personnel wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This is often comprised of disposable clothing which protects them from harmful germs as well as from the chemicals they will use, goggles that will protect their eyes, and a respirator that will serve as a safe breathing device.

Wearing complete PPE protects the workers from any harmful spores and particulates that might penetrate through their skin. In addition, the work area will be given its own PPE, sealing it off so that the mold disturbed during the mold remediation won't affect the rest of the house.

2. Analyzing moisture percentage

This is the first actual step which is about making sure that moisture or wetness is kept at an ideal level. The best way to figure it out is by using a moisture meter. The device can be placed near the objects where moisture and humidity accumulates. It will then generate some readouts that can tell if the moisture level is good enough for proceeding with mold removal.

Ideally, the moisture level should be between 30% and 60% - This is the standard that any mold removal specialist would recommend. Before using the moisture meter, your HVAC system must first be shut down to get the most accurate readings. In areas where relative humidity is elevated, there is likely water damage and hidden mold growth if nothing is visible.

Mold Remediation Service

3. Mold disruption

The next step would be to clean the area where mold starts to appear. For certain porous substances that are pretty inexpensive, like drywall, this can mean removing the affected materials entirely and disposing of them. Otherwise, it means cleaning non-porous surfaces and preparing them for the spraying of the fungicide which will prevent any further spreading of the mold. It is also important to use a fungicide that is EPA-certified to ensure that it is non-toxic.

Scrubbing should be done thoroughly to make sure that the fungicide to be sprayed can prevent the possible mold growth that might emerge after the actual process.

4. The finishing process

Throughout the process, HEPA filtering air scrubbers are used to remove spores directly from the air. The final step in the mold removal and restoration process is verifying that the treatment was successful, and making sure that the mold will not return.

Those are the typical procedures that a mold removal service performs. The longer you wait to start the recovery of your property, the more likely it is that the damage will spread.

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