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Rug Cleaning Services in Edison, NJ

Rugs are elements that make the house warm and alive, but they also get dirty fast and can become a nuisance. Frequent vacuuming is a good first step towards prolonging the freshness and softness of your rugs. However, sometimes, it becomes necessary to clean them more thoroughly, which is precisely how professional area rug cleaning works.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Edison specializes in getting rid of dust, grime, and other stains from the rugs, thereby prolonging the life of your rugs and keeping them clean. Having more than two decades of experience dealing with rug cleaning issues, we have the knowledge, skills, and machinery to deal with the toughest stains and odors and make your floor coverings well-kept, fresh, and clean.

Why Choose Professional Rug Cleaning in Edison?

Rugs are exposed to a high amount of foot traffic as a result; this, in turn, affects their quality of cleanliness over time. They get dirtier, dustier, and stained. Of course, frequent vacuuming will help keep rugs presentable. Yet, no home cleaning can get this deep into the fibers as a professional rug cleaning. As time goes on, dirt and grime, which are embedded, can cause premature wear and tear; thus, in the end, color and patterns are the ones to look dull.

With professional rug cleaning, you not only bring out the beauty of your rugs at their best but also increase their life expectancy. Our team at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Edison implores the use of unique cleaning tactics and green materials to softly but powerfully remove the maximum amount of debris from your rugs without harming the fine fibers and detailed patterns of your rugs.

Oriental Rugs & Area Rug Cleaning Service

Home and Office Rug Cleaning

We are happy to treat your rugs on site at your home or business with carpet steam cleaning or dry cleaning methods. Our technicians will choose the best method for your rug, taking into account stains, materials, and general rug condition. We have cleaned many different types of rugs, like shag, antique oriental rugs, 100% wool rugs, wool blends, synthetic fibers, silk rugs, and are well-equipped to handle rugs of all types, shapes, colors, and sizes.

Area Rug Pofessional Cleaning Service

Free Pickup and Delivery

Sometimes it is more convenient for our customers to have their rugs cleaned at our workshop. We make it easy with free pickup and delivery of your rug. At the rug cleaning workshop, we are able to use sophisticated rug cleaning techniques to thoroughly dust your rug of all the dust, dirt, and allergens like dander, pollen, and dust mite waste. This is more effective than home vacuuming, and a necessary first step when cleaning a rug that has not been cleaned in a while. We can give silk oriental rugs and other delicate rugs detailed, individualized care to clean even the most expensive rugs safely and completely.

Common Rug Issues

Rugs undergo different forms of soiling and abuse, from being walked over until they even get stained by mistake. Some common issues include:


Along with blotting out the liquids, pet accidents also make stains very embarrassing, and it is very difficult to take them off the delicate fibers of a rug. Our expert team has advanced knowledge and the right tools to get rid of the most challenging stains that might damage your rugs. Your rugs will have the same appearance as they do when they are new.


Exposition to sunlight and all other natural factors will eventually lead to the vibrant colors on your rugs losing their sharpness as time goes by. The cleaning that we use is suitable for the specific designs of every rug, and it helps to bring back the true colors and patterns, turning your rugs into their original beautiful state.


While unwanted odors may linger in rugs, the space around you might not be very pleasant. Either of these problems - bad pet odors, smoke smells, and other persistent smells - our cutting-edge deodorizing techniques can truly get rid of them all so that your house smells crisp and clean.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Edison has a professional staff and obsolete techniques, which lead to impeccable results and the most sophisticated rug cleaning techniques. Here's how we ensure your rugs receive the care and attention they deserve.

We conduct a comprehensive pre-inspection to identify the areas that need immediate attention. We look for stains, fading, and fabric damage. Subsequently, we prepare the rugs for transportation to our cutting-edge premises, where they undergo a rigorous cleaning process.

When we get to the destination, we employ the help of specialized truck equipment, which is meant to clean and agitate the fibers of the rug by vacuuming and creating some kind of movement. The matter will then come off. Secondly, we apply our cleaning solution, unique to our company, to chemical compounds, which successfully eliminate tightly-attached stains and yet do not interfere with the rug fiber.

As the solution with the cleaning process works wonders, our crew uses efficient extraction systems to effectively flush the solution together with the detached dirt and dust that is trapped. Next, we use professional drying techniques. Your rugs are dried after this treatment process and left clean with neither moisture nor residues.

To conclude, our careful inspection and grooming of your rug is what ties it all together. From the online purchase to delivery at your home, each fiber must be in its proper place, aligning together to give you a pristine look and feel all over again.

Improve Your Indoor Space with Our Rug Cleaning Services!

Professional rug cleaning is an important component when it comes to dealing with rugs since it helps to retain their beauty and durability. Our expert rug cleaning service in Edison ensures that your rugs are not only visually refreshed but also feel as good as new. We would love to serve you. Please call us today at 732-902-0800 to schedule our rug cleaning service!

Popular Landmarks in Edison, NJ

The city of Edison, New Jersey, is a lively community with a deep past and various possibilities that define its distinct style. Here are some of the most popular and well-known landmarks in the area:

  1. Middlesex County College (2600 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, NJ 08837): A renowned community college offering a wide range of academic programs and a vibrant campus life.
  2. Menlo Park Mall: As one of the trending shopping destinations in New Jersey, Menlo Park Mall, situated at 55 Parsonage Rd, Edison, NJ 08837, gives a dazzling range of retail stores, restaurants, and entertaining activities. Cinema is one of the most widely popular forms of entertainment in the world today. Regardless of your style or preference, there's something for everyone to enjoy, from high-end fashion to casual dining.
  3. Tinsman Park (350 Tingley Ln, Edison, NJ 08820): A sprawling park with sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas, perfect for outdoor activities.
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